Can you wash catchers gear?

Spot clean with a wet rag and mild soap as needed. For full cleaning, remove harness and wash in washing machine on gentle cycle, cold water, using only a small amount of mild detergent and air dry.

How do you sanitize catcher’s gear?

For the hard plastic or steel shells on catcher’s helmets and leg guards, use some mild soap or detergent on a cold, wet washcloth and scrub it by hand. Then let it air dry. Please note: if a certain manufacturer has different cleaning instructions, then defer to those instructions.

How long does catchers gear last?

-Gloves – 2 – 4 years if treated well. A catchers glove that “looks good” maybe past its useful life if it is loose and/or floppy /streched out etc… it lasts as long as you take care of it….

How do you keep knee savers on catchers gear?

Place the knee savers on the back of the shin guards with the gray side towards where the calf would be. The knee saver logo should be facing away from the calf. With the knee saver in place re-attach the straps.

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How do you clean umpire gear?

Umpire Jackets and Plate Coats

Machine wash cold with like colors, gentle cycle. Do Not Bleach. Line dry or tumble dry low. Remove promptly and hang up or fold.

How do you disinfect softballs?

Use bleach

Take a cotton swab and dip it into the bleach solution. Squeeze the excess off to rub the surface of the ball with a light moisture. Use an old toothbrush if you want to have a better grip to clean your softball.

How do you disinfect a baseball helmet?

Clean the helmet often inside and out with warm water and mild detergent. DO NOT soak any part of the helmet, put it close to high heat, or use strong cleaners. DO NOT let anyone sit or lean on the helmet. Do not store a batter’s helmet in a car.

What catchers gear do the pros wear?

Approximately 63 percent (19 of 30) of all starting pro catchers in 2020 wear Rawlings catcher’s mitts. Second place belongs to Wilson, with wearers mostly using A2000 catcher’s mitts (click HERE to see our post on A2000 mitts!). Behind Wilson is All-Star, Mizuno, Easton and Force3. Specifics can be found below.

Is being a catcher bad for your knees?

The torque associated with the painful conditions and stresses that catchers go through, such as repetitive incidents or lower magnitude forces, ultimately make catchers more susceptible to knee injuries than any other position on the field.

What is the best catchers gear for youth?

The Best Youth Catchers Gear Set of 2021

  • Catcher’s Helmet (or Mask and Skull Cap)
  • Chest Protector.
  • Leg Guards.
  • Catcher’s Mitt.
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Should catchers wear knee savers?

That means catchers who don’t currently have any knee issues, catchers who don’t have a history of knee injuries, and catchers who aren’t at “high risk” of having a knee injury have the freedom to choose if they’d like to wear Knee Savers or not. … Anyone who has a history of knee injuries should be wearing Knee Savers.

Where do knee savers go on catcher’s gear?

Place the Knee Savers on the back of the shin guards with the Knee Saver logo facing away from the calf. 3. Once in place, re-attach the straps. Hook through the Knee Saver loop first, then through the metal shin guard loops.

How do you install Rawlings knee saver?

The knee saver has two rings on each side, two on the left and two on the right side. First, the strap goes through the upper left ring, then attach lower left ring. Next, attach the opposite side in the same manner. Start with the strap attching to the upper right ring and finally connecting the lower right ring.

What is the best brand of catchers gear?

Here are Dugout Debate’s top picks for best catchers gear for this year.

  1. Wilson Youth EZ Gear Catcher’s Kit. …
  2. Macgregor Junior Catchers Gear. …
  3. Under Armour Victory Catcher’s Set. …
  4. Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Set. …
  5. Easton Intermediate Gametime Catcher’s Set. …
  6. Easton M7 Youth Catcher Gear Box Set.

How do you clean a umpire chest protector?

Chest Protectors

Spot clean with a wet rag and mild soap as needed. For full cleaning, remove harness and wash in washing machine on gentle cycle, cold water, using only a small amount of mild detergent and air dry.

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How do you clean leather face masks?


  1. Wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry with a clean, soft cloth.
  2. Always let leather air dry.
  3. If your leather gets wet, pat dry it – do not rub.
  4. You can also condition your leather with oils like mink, essential lemon, coconut, or virgin olive oil.

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