Do MLB catchers use knee savers?

I recently did some intensive research for an article titled Catching Equipment that the Pros Wear and found out that 47% of starting catchers in the MLB do wear knee savers. … almost half of Major League Baseball teams’ starting catchers are wearing them.

Do MLB catchers have bad knees?

According to Sandy Miller, a physical therapist at Advance Physical Therapy located in Silex, MO, catchers are most susceptible to knee injuries at the ages between 10-15 years old. Injuries are also likely when catchers are going through large growth spurts.

Should catchers use knee savers?

knee savers are a huge benefit if you use them correctly. the only problem with them is young catchers get too comfy in them and are sitting back on their heels and not in a ready position to block, throw, etc.

What gear do MLB catchers wear?

here’s the answer: ALL MLB catchers wear the same brand chest protector and shinguards. That’s right 100% of them wear the same brand.

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How do you use a knee saver for a catcher?


  1. Remove the two bottom straps of your Catcher’s shin guards.
  2. Place the Knee Savers on the back of the shin guards with the Knee Saver logo facing away from the calf.
  3. Once in place, re-attach the straps.

How do catchers squat for so long?

Catchers have little seats that they can put on their shin guards. This allows them to essentially sit on their hind legs for long periods of time.

How do I strengthen my catchers knees?

After stretching, some light strengthening exercises can help improve strength of the muscles that help stabilize the knee. Perform a single-leg balance reach, floor bridge, and lateral tube walking; complete 1-3 set of 10-15 repetitions, using a slow tempo.

Why do Catchers get on one knee?

The “one-knee” catching stance

If you are wondering what the big deal is about having one knee down when being a catcher, Swanson explained that it helps “steal strikes,” especially at the bottom of the zone and said it is the catcher’s job to get as many strikes as he can for his pitcher.

What happens to catchers knees?

If not corrected soon, catchers will also suffer muscle damage to the knees as well, leaving them in chronic pain which is only exacerbated when standing, walking or jogging. Many catchers have suffered from permanent damage to their knees which have crippled their mobility.

What gloves do MLB catchers use?

Rawlings | 57%

Rawlings is the most worn catcher’s mitt by MLB starting catchers in 2018, taking 57% of the league. Kurt Suzuki added Pro Mesh to the back of his mitt (pictured above) to make his hands a little quicker due to the weight savings. It also gives the mitt a great look.

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Do MLB catchers wear thumb guards?

Do MLB catchers wear thumb guards? Absolutely. The EvoShield Thumb Guard is inexpensive given the protection it gives.

What size glove do MLB catchers use?

Here are the MLB rules: The catcher may wear a mitt no more than 38 inches in circumference or 15.5 inches from top to bottom. The first baseman’s mitt must be no more than 13 inches long or 8 inches wide.

What makes a good catcher?

The catcher position also needs to be an athlete (quick, strong, can throw,block balls in the dirt , one who is willing to sacrifice it all). Catchers do not have to be the fastest runner, but they must be one of your smartest players. Usually good catchers are good hitters because they see so many pitches.

What is the best brand of catchers gear?

Here are Dugout Debate’s top picks for best catchers gear for this year.

  1. Wilson Youth EZ Gear Catcher’s Kit. …
  2. Macgregor Junior Catchers Gear. …
  3. Under Armour Victory Catcher’s Set. …
  4. Louisville Slugger Youth PG Series 5 Catchers Set. …
  5. Easton Intermediate Gametime Catcher’s Set. …
  6. Easton M7 Youth Catcher Gear Box Set.

Do baseball players wear knee pads?

KNEE. A player’s knees can be susceptible to injury throughout the game. Bumps, bruises and abrasions can be uncomfortable nuisances, and knee pads can help protect the joint from contact by surrounding the knee in padding and cloth. Knee pads also offer another layer to prevent abrasions while sliding or diving.

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