How many MLB catchers have 2000 hits?

Yadi is about to become one of only nine catchers with 2,000 hits at any position, and very soon to become one of just four with 2,000 as a catcher. While this is already recognized as a big deal by those of us in the Watch Fox Sports Midwest demographic, it’s been a bit unnoticed in the broader baseball community.

How many MLB players have 2000 hits?

Below is the list of the 289 Major League Baseball players who have reached the 2,000 hit milestone during their career in MLB. Pete Rose holds the Major League record for most career hits, with 4,256. Rose and Ty Cobb, second most, are the only players with 4,000 or more career hits.

What catcher has the most hits?

Catcher: Ivan Rodriguez, 2,844

While Mike Piazza holds the lead in the home run department among catchers, Rodriguez is the hit king at the position with 2,844, ahead of Ted Simmons (2,472), Carlton Fisk (2,356), Jason Kendall (2,195) and Yogi Berra (2,150).

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Who is the greatest catcher in MLB history?

1. Johnny Bench. Bench is fairly universally viewed as the greatest catcher in MLB history. A key cog in Sparky Anderson’s “Big Red Machine,” Bench won a National League Rookie of the Year Award, 10 Gold Glove Awards and two National League MVPs.

Who is the best hitting catcher of all time?

  • Joe Mauer — .328.
  • Piazza — .313.
  • Brian Harper — .306.
  • Manny Sanguillen — .300.
  • Joe Torre — .300.

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Who is the fastest player to reach 3000 hits?

Tony Gwynn was the fastest player in National League history to hit the 3,000 mark; he reached the mark in his 2,284th game.

Who has the best baseball stats of all time?

MLB Historical Statistics

1. Pete Rose 4256
2. Ty Cobb 4189
3. Hank Aaron 3771
4. Stan Musial 3630

Who has the most music hits of all time?

The Beatles have the most No. 1 hits of all time: 20. Though unclear for how long, the Beatles still reign supreme as the artist with the most No.

Who is the closest to 3000 hits?

The only active player with membership to the 3000 hit club, one of baseball’s most hallowed groups, is Albert Pujols. Some of you may think that his teammate and verified GOAT Mike Trout would be next in line for membership, but he only has 1324 career hits.

Who has the most hits in rap?

Canadian rapper Drake now has more US chart hits than any other artist in history, scoring his 208th Billboard Hot 100 entry this week. The rapper broke the record, previously set by the cast of the TV show Glee, with the track Oprah’s Bank Account by Lil Yachty and DaBaby, which he guests on.

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Is Yadier leaving the Cardinals?

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – The era of Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright in St. Louis will not come to an end in 2021, according to’s MLB insider Bob Nightengale. “Well I still think Adam Wainwright comes back on the same type of contact he’s signed the last couple of years,” Nightengale says.

How old is Johnny Bench?

73 years (December 7, 1947)

Who is the best second baseman ever?

20 Greatest Second Basemen in Baseball History

  1. Joe Morgan. Morgan is baseball’s best second baseman in the history of the game.
  2. Rogers Hornsby. Hornsby was one of baseball’s best all-time hitters mixing a combination of average and power. …
  3. Eddie Collins. …
  4. Nap Lajoie. …
  5. Charlie Gehringer. …
  6. Jackie Robinson. …
  7. Frankie Frisch. …
  8. Ryne Sandberg. …

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Who is the best shortstop of all time?

Ranking the 10 Greatest Shortstops in MLB History

1 119.8 Honus Wagner
2 95.5 Cal Ripken Jr.
3 77.0 Robin Yount
4 76.5 Ozzie Smith

What is Bob Uecker worth?

Bob Uecker net worth and salary: Bob Uecker is a retired American Major League Baseball player, sportscaster, comedian and actor who has a net worth of $10 million. He has been the play-by-play announced for the Milwaukee Brewers radio broadcasts since 1971.

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