Is James McCann a good defensive catcher?

Another key defensive metric the 30-year old catcher brings to the table his ability to throw runners out. … In addition to those defensive credentials, McCann was ranked in the 88th percentile in terms of framing pitches by Statcast in 2020, which put him among the top ten catchers in all of baseball.

Is James McCann a good catcher?

During his last full season in 2019, McCann ranked No. 111 out of 123 qualifying catchers with a -7.6 catcher defensive adjustment (CDA) and No. 117 with a -10.2 fielding runs above average (FRAA).

How good is James McCann?

He never hit more than 13 home runs in a season. His single-season RBI high sat at 49. Although a solid defender for his years with the Tigers and a guy with a good reputation for calling games, McCann was not a very productive bat. … His 60 RBI in 2019 is the highest he has ever achieved.

How old is catcher James McCann?

30 лет ()

What team is James McCann on?

Нью-Йорк Метс#33 / Кетчер

What number is James McCann?

33New York Mets / Catcher

How tall is McCann?

1.88 m

What is James McCann’s salary?

519,500 USD (2016)

Why did Brian McCann retire?

McCann announces retirement after NLDS loss

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“I wanted to come back and get a chance at the postseason. This is it for me, so I’m going to go home and be a dad and play with my kids.

Is James McCann related to Brian McCann? The quick answer is no. … Furthermore, both McCann’s play catcher in the major leagues, with Brian playing for the New York Yankees and James plays for the Detroit Tigers. And to be honest, when you look at them side by side, they look as if there could be some relation.

Where did James McCann go to college?

University of Arkansas

Is James McCann married?

Jessica Coxm. 2014

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