Question: What is a triple play baseball?

A triple play occurs when the defending team records three outs on a single defensive play. Triple plays are rare for several reasons. First off, they can occur only when the batting team has at least two men on base with nobody out. … There have been ground-ball triple plays, typically with a slow runner batting.

How often does a triple play happen?

Triple plays happen infrequently – there have been 722 triple plays in Major League Baseball (MLB) since 1876, an average of approximately five per season – because they depend on a combination of two elements, which are themselves uncommon: First, there must be at least two baserunners, and no outs.

When was the last triple play in baseball?

The last unassisted triple play in the Major Leagues was pulled off by second baseman Eric Bruntlett of the 2009 Philadelphia Phillies on August 23 against the New York Mets. Rarest of all is the unassisted triple play by an outfielder, performed only once in professional baseball history, by Walter Carlisle.

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Who hit into the most triple plays?

– Hall of Famer Brooks Robinson holds the record for hitting into the most triple plays (4) in his career.

Has there ever been a quadruple play in baseball?

Since a maximum of three outs can be recorded in a half-inning, a quadruple play cannot occur in baseball.

Why can’t lefties play catcher?

“Lefties can’t play catcher because your head hangs over home plate when you make a tag.” “You’ve got the ball in your right hand, you’re blocking the plate with your left foot. … A lefty catcher would get killed.” Several left-handed throwing major leaguers has a stint at catching early in their careers.

What is the rarest play in baseball?

The unassisted triple play is one of the rarest fabulous feats in Major League baseball. It has been accomplished only fifteen times in baseball history and as illustrated in the quote below, it is a legacy that will follow each and every player who has ever accomplished this unbelievable feat.

Has there ever been a 27 pitch game?

He batted and threw right-handed. Necciai is best remembered for the unique feat of striking out 27 batters in a nine-inning game, which he accomplished in the Class-D Appalachian League on May 13, 1952. He is the only pitcher ever to do so in a nine-inning, professional-league game.

Has there ever been a 3 pitch inning?

One such rarity is the immaculate inning. You’ve probably heard of it — an immaculate inning is when a pitcher strikes out all three batters in an inning, on three pitches each. The immaculate inning used to be very rare — there were none from 1929-52.

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Who was the worst baseball player ever?

He has been called by some the worst major league baseball player in history.

John Gochnaur
September 29, 1903, for the Cleveland Naps
MLB statistics
Batting average .187
Home runs

Has there ever been a 2 pitch inning?

Rome completes rare two-pitch inning

Working in the top of the 10th on Friday, the Class A Rome reliever hurled what is believed to be the Minor Leagues’ first-ever two-pitch inning before the Braves walked off with a 4-3 win over West Virginia at State Mutual Stadium.

What are the odds of a triple play?

There is a 1 in 325 chance that if you attend a game you will see a triple play and there is a 1 in 702 chance you will see a batter hit for the cycle. There is a 1 in 806 chance you will see a no-hitter and a 1 in 2,610 shot that a batter will get six hits in a nine-inning game.

Has anyone lost a no hitter?

On April 23, 1964, Ken Johnson of the Houston Colt . 45s became the first pitcher to throw a nine-inning no-hitter and lose. In fact, he is still the only individual to throw an official (nine-inning) no-hitter and lose.

Can you hit a baseball after it bounces?

A pitch that bounces to the plate cannot be hit.

A pitch is a ball delivered to the batter by the pitcher. It doesn’t matter how it gets to the batter. The batter may hit any pitch that is thrown legally. A pitch that bounces before reaching the plate may never be a “called” strike or a legally caught third strike.

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