Quick Answer: What’s the difference between cool base and flex base jerseys?

The Flex Base Authentic jerseys run 2.5 inches longer than the Cool Base Replica jerseys. 3. The Authentic jerseys will have premium finishes in comparison to Replica jerseys, like sewn on tackle-twill graphics. Despite these premium finishes, the jerseys are still machine-washable.

What is a flex base Jersey?

What are Flex Base Jerseys? Flex Base uniforms are new for 2016 and feature a lighter-weight twill technology and mesh panels on the sides of the jerseys. The improvements are tailor-made to the players’ exact on-field design and help reduce the overall weight of the jersey by 10-20%.

Are Cool Base jerseys authentic?

Cool base is the new replica. The authentic are exactly like what the players wear. The replica (cool base) has screen printed numbers and letters, not stiched. The replicas also have the names on the back of the new Alternates.

Do Cool Base jerseys shrink?

While many jerseys are made of 100 percent polyester, which does not shrink, some are made of a cotton-polyester blend. If your jersey has some cotton in it, you may be able to shrink it in the wash. Add the jersey to the washing machine alone. Place the jersey into the dryer and turn it to the highest setting.

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Are Majestic Cool Base jerseys stitched?

Presently, authentic baseball jerseys are made by Majestic in the USA. These are just like the ones players wear in MLB games. Made of polyester double-knit material, authentic jerseys are more durable than replica jerseys. Patches, locker tags and lettering are all sewn directly onto the jersey.

How do you know if a jersey is authentic?

The easiest way to distinguish between Authentic, Swingman and Replica jerseys is by looking at the tag on the bottom right side of the jersey. The Replica jerseys have a tag that looks different from that found on Swingman and Authentic jerseys, but Authentic and Swingman tags look almost identical.

What is the difference between authentic jersey and replica?

Authentic jerseys are form fitted to stay tight to players while they play and give opponents less to grab on to. Replica jerseys on the other hand actually have extra room in the shoulders and mid-section to allow for a variety of body shapes and give that relaxed comfortable fit.

Does replica mean fake?

A replica is a copying closely resembling the original concerning its shape and appearance. … However, replicas have often been used illegally for forgery and counterfeits, especially of money and coins, but also commercial merchandise such as designer label clothing, luxury bags and accessories, and luxury watches.

Are authentic jerseys worth it?

Authentic jerseys are the highest quality available to fans. These sports apparel options can feature breathable, top-of-the-line fabrics for fit and comfort. Authentic basketball jerseys can feature a more contoured, streamlined fit than other options. …

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Why are authentic MLB jerseys so expensive?

Production cost is not that big a factor in the retail price of a jersey. Demand. Until demand declines, you’ll see jerseys stay at the same price or rise. It’s just that baseball jerseys are way more expensive than others, like a hockey authentic is $224 regular and a authentic baseball is like $350.

Do jerseys shrink in the dryer?

Most modern soccer jerseys are made out of synthetic materials that do not shrink. However, it’s still important that you wash them in medium or cold water, and avoid the dryer. This will help your jersey stay looking like new, wash after wash.

What is a jersey size 48?

Sizing Charts

Size Jersey Size Body Length
XL 48 33″
XXL 52 34″
3XL 56 35″

How do you clean a cool base Jersey?

  1. How to Wash Your Sports Jersey. …
  2. Treat Tough Stains First. …
  3. Wash Jerseys with Other Jerseys. …
  4. Turn Jerseys Inside Out & Undo the Buttons. …
  5. Use a Gentle Detergent & Wash Cycle. …
  6. Keep Water Warm — but Not Too Warm. …
  7. Use Short Cycles & Multiple Rinses. …
  8. Always Hang-Dry.

What MLB jersey size should I buy?

In this article we discuss how MLB jerseys fit. In general, expect MLB jerseys to fit bigger than normal t-shirts. Quickly, here’s what you need to know about the main types of MLB jerseys: Nike Authentic Jerseys – This is the closest you can get to wearing what the players wear.

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How do you clean a majestic Cool Base Jersey?

Use cold water for washing your jersey. Hot water may cause fading, shrinking, and damage to the decals. Use good quality, bleach-less, and color-protecting (powdered) detergent powder.

What is a heat sealed Jersey?

Heat sealing can be utilized to customize any jersey, sweatshirt or even performance wear with your name, number or logo. Heat sealing is the process of applying high heat and heavy pressure to bond a film-like material directly to your garment. This creates a permanent, lasting design.

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