What are ASA softball rules?

According to the ASA slow pitch softball rules, the bases are supposed to be 65 ft apart for men and women. The pitcher’s mound should be 50 ft from home plate for both. The fence distance has to be a minimum of 265 ft for women and 300 ft for men, subject to an upper limit of 275 ft for women and 315 ft for men.

What is the difference between ASA and Usssa softball?

For instance, ASA approved bats must adhere to the 98 mph batted-ball speed standard, while bats approved for USSSA and other associations are allowed to have a much hotter 100+ mph batted ball speed and a bat performance factor (BPF) of 1.20 or sometimes more.

How many players can bat in ASA softball?

Each team must have 8 players to start the game. Coed teams can play with 4 men, 4 women or 5 men and 5 women. The max number of players on the field will be 10 but can bat 11.

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What does Asa mean on a softball bat?


Can you use an ASA bat in Usssa?

In simplified terms, the ball is now bouncier than in the past. ASA’s goal is to have the ball flex more than the bat and for ASA bats to perform more like USSSA bats. Even with the new rule changes, not all ASA bats will be USSSA certified. Each bat is specific as to which leagues it is legal.

Which bat is hotter ASA or Usssa?

Just like for fastpitch, USSSA allows for higher performance than ASA so a USSSA only stamp bat will typically be hotter than a bat with an ASA stamp.

What is the best ASA slowpitch softball bat?

Best ASA Slowpitch Softball bats

Bat Name Build Barrel
Miken DC-41 2019 Two Piece, +3 sizes 2 1/4, 14 inches
DeMarini One OG Two Piece, +2 sizes 2 1/4, 12 inches
Demarini Flipper OG Two Piece, +3 Sizes 2 1/4, 13 inches
DeMarini Steel 2018 Two Piece, +3 Sizes 2 1/4, 12 inches

What is the 10 run rule in softball?

If at the end of a regulation game one team has a lead of ten (10) runs or more, the manager of the team with the least runs shall concede the victory to the opponent. … Little League strongly urges you to refer to this as the 10-run rule.

How long is an ASA softball game?

ASA Basic Softball Rules allow the teams have to play 7 innings where each team bats once and pitches once. Usually the home team bats second in each inning.

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As long as the “slip” is judged to be accidental, this is not an illegal pitch. A “ball” is added to the batter’s count.

In order for a bat to be legal for use in NFHS softball it must be marked with the ASA 2000, 2004 or the USA Softball All-Games Certification Mark. Additionally, any bat with one of these certification marks must not appear on the list of the USA Softball Non-Approved Bats with Certification Marks.

What’s the hottest slow pitch softball bat?

What are the best Slow Pitch softball bats?

  • 2019 Miken Freak Primo 14″ Maxload USSSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat (MPRIMU) This particular Miken slow pitch bat is blessed with elite technology to elevate any player’s game. …
  • 2019 DeMarini Flipper OG ASA Slow Pitch Softball Bat (WTDXFLS-19) …
  • 2019 Miken Freak Pro BigCat SSUSA Slow Pitch Softball Bat (MFPRSS)

What weight softball bat should I get?

Bigger players looking to swing for the fence should look for a bat in the 28 oz to 30 oz range. Smaller or average sized players or those looking for more bat speed should use a bat in the 25 to 27 oz. range. Slow Pitch bats are 34 inches long and weigh from 26 – 30 ounces.

Is the Easton ghost softball bat illegal?

Please be aware there are two ghost bats – one is legal in USSSA but not certified by USA Softball and therefore not legal in High School or College; the other is certified by USA Softball but not USSSA so it is illegal for USSSA use but legal in High School or College.

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Is the Easton ghost bat illegal?

2018 Easton USA Ghost X 30/20: NOT LEGAL.

What bats are illegal in Usssa?

The 2018 DeMarini CF Zen CBZ 2 ¾” -10 model bat, 28”, 29” and 30” will be disallowed for play immediately. The 28” bat at has been placed on the USSSA Disallowed List. While the 29” and 30” bats have been provisionally placed to the USSSA Disallowed List, subject to further consideration.

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