What does BPF mean on a softball bat?

Little League, USSSA, and NSA use the Bat Performance Factor (or BPF) to regulate bat performance.The BPF involves the bat-ball coefficient of restitution or BBCOR. Its definition is similar to that used for the ball (Eq. 2.1). We take the ratio of the relative speed after impact to the relative speed before impact.

What does 1.20 BPF mean on a softball bat?

NSA (1.20 BPF): Bat Performance Factor for Slowpitch softball governed leagues. Bat Performance Factor (BPF) is simply the increase in the liveliness of a ball hitting a bat compared to throwing a ball against a solid wall. For example a 20% faster rebound = a BPF of 1.20.

What does BPF 1.15 mean on a bat?

Youth bats are universally governed by the USSSA 1.15 BPF. BPF stands for Bat Performance Factor and measures the how fast the ball comes off the bat. Bats must meet this BPF standard to be approved for play. Nearly all youth bats own the 1.15 BPF stamp.

Can you hit Asa balls with a Usssa bat?

While most leagues will allow you to hit the USSSA bats with the ASA or NSA balls, you will get more pop out of a bat that was designed for those balls.

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Are USA bats 1.15 BPF?

A: USA Baseball, the sport’s national governing body, adopted a new performance standard for youth baseball bats, effective Jan. 1, 2018. You’ll see and hear this referred to as the USABat standard, or simply, USABat. … A: The USABat standard replaced the 1.15 Bat Performance Factor (BPF) standard.

Does a heavier softball bat hit farther?

Only the bat mass was changed. … So, using a heavier bat should result in faster hit balls, which means the hit ball will travel farther. If a player can maintain the same bat swing speed with a heavier bat, the heavier bat will produce higher batted ball velocity and an increase in distance.

Yes, the Easton Ghost Double Barrel -10 USSSA Fastpitch Softball Bat: FP19GHU10 has the USSSA 1.20 stamp that makes it a legal bat for USFA play.

Do big barrel bats hit farther?

On a small sized barrel bat, the weight is more evenly distributed throughout the bat which gives a fast swing speed and better control. As far as a big barrel bat is concerned due to its big barrel there is a larger sweet spot which gives the hitter the liberty to hit far and wide.

What softball bat has the most pop?

The LXT is the most popular bat in the Louisville Slugger fastpitch lineup. The full-composite barrel provides a massive sweet spot, maximum pop and incredible sound right out of the wrapper.

With the approval of USSSA National, certain 14U and an even more limited number of 13U tournaments may be run allowing only BBCOR and wood bats from approved USSSA Bat Licensees. … But in no event may a bat be used in USSSA sanctioned play if it is not manufactured by an approved USSSA Bat Licensee.

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Do end loaded bats hit farther?

Additionally, having more weight towards the end cap means more weight focused within the hitting zone. As a result, players can generate more momentum with similar swing speeds, thus hitting the ball farther.

What is the hottest slow pitch bat?

List of Best Slowpitch Softball bats 2020 – 2019

Bat Name Build Barrel
Miken Psycho Maxload 2019 One Piece, +4 Sizes 2 1/4, 14 inches
Worth Legit Watermelon 2020 Two Piece, +3 sizes 2 1/4, 13.5 inches
DeMarini One OG Two Piece, +2 sizes 2 1/4, 12 inches
Demarini Flipper OG Two Piece, +3 Sizes 2 1/4, 13 inches

Is Usssa or US bat better?

The difference between the two standards is actually very simple. The USSSA BPF 1.15 bats will be more lively and will, simply put, hit the ball further and the USA bats. In conclusion, USSSA bats are not permitted to be used in game play in any of the USA Baseball member organizations (Rec League).

What USA bats are banned?

Starting in 2021, Perfect game bans all the USSSA banned bats, see below, and the 2017 DeMarini CF drop 5, the 2016 USSSA CF8 line of bats (5, 8, 10), the 2015 CF7 in a drop 5 and the 2015 Eaton XL1 in a drop 5. All banned for Perfect Game starting 2021.

Are Usssa bats better than USA?

USSSA Bats Are Better for Game Performance

Also, its maximum barrel diameter is greater than that of a USA Bat. With a larger surface and more weight, it can result in increased hitting strength, quicker exit speed of the ball, and higher confidence while at bat. The best USSSA Bats can optimize a batter’s performance.

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