What is fps in softball stats?

GP: Games Played Wins: Wins SO: Shutouts
PIT: Total Pitches IBB: Intentional Walks FPS: First Pitch Strikes
AO: Number of Air Outs (Fly Balls, Popups, Line Drives) ERA: Earned Runs Average
WHIP:Walks plus hits per inning pitched BAA:Batting average against

What is a good FPS in softball?

According to the study, the national average for FPS% is 58 percent. Pitchers with a 70 FPS% threw on average 14.4 pitches per inning, while those who had a 55 FPS% threw nearly three more pitches each inning.

What does FPS stand for in softball?

FPS: First pitch strikes. FPS%: First pitch strike percentage.

What is fps in baseball stats?

In baseball, a first-pitch strike is when the pitcher throws a strike to the batter during the first pitch of the at bat. Statistics indicate that throwing a strike on the first pitch allows the pitcher to gain an advantage in the at bat, limiting the hitter’s chance of getting on base.

What are good stats for softball?

What softball measurables do college coaches look for in a center fielder?

  • Height: 5’7” or taller.
  • Home to 1B: 2.8 seconds or lower.
  • Overhand throw velocity: 62+ MPH.
  • Batting average: .330+
  • Home runs: 2+
  • RBIs: 15+
  • Stolen bases: 5-7.
  • Runs scored: 18+
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What does AB mean in softball?

AB At bat: Batting appearances, not including bases on balls, hit by pitch, sacrifices, interference, or obstruction. AB/HR At bats per home run: at bats divided by home runs. BA Batting average (also abbreviated AVG): hits divided by at bats.

What does BB mean in softball?

A walk (or base on balls) occurs when a pitcher throws four pitches out of the strike zone, none of which are swung at by the hitter. After refraining from swinging at four pitches out of the zone, the batter is awarded first base. In the scorebook, a walk is denoted by the letters BB.

What does TB mean in softball stats?

Total bases refer to the number of bases gained by a batter through his hits. A batter records one total base for a single, two total bases for a double, three total bases for a triple and four total bases for a home run.

What does K mean in softball stats?

A strikeout occurs when a pitcher throws any combination of three swinging or looking strikes to a hitter. … In the scorebook, a strikeout is denoted by the letter K. A third-strike call on which the batter doesn’t swing is denoted with a backward K.

What is Qab%?

David Kennedy. A quality at bat (QAB) on GameChanger is any one of the following: At bat with 3 pitches after 2 strikes. At bat with 6+ pitches. Extra base hit.

What is TB in box score?

TB– total bases (It’s one for a single, two for a double, three for a triple and four for a home run. For example, if a batter has two singles, a double and a home run, this would be eight total bases.)

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What is a good Qab percentage?

Your target should be 60 percent quality at bats, with at least 40 percent coming from hard hit balls. Sure, these numbers are hard to achieve, but most players will be at 50 percent and 30 percent, respectively. Remember, quality at bats leads to lots of hits. This summer, don’t get caught up in your batting average.

What is G in baseball stats?

G – Games played: The number of games the player has appeared in during the current MLB season. AB – At bats: The number of times the player has been at bat, defined as plate appearances minus sacrifices, walks, and Hit by Pitches.

What is a good home to first in softball?

Re: Base running times

Based on the DD’s conversations with D1 coaches, 2.6-2.7 is the target for speed recruits. Seems like the 2.8-3.0 is the new average. Home to home times should be sub 12.

How fast should a 16 year old pitch softball?

Average softball pitching speed by age

Age Average Pitching Speeds High-end Averages
14 46 – 54 MPH 55 – 58 MPH
15 49 – 54 MPH 55 – 60 MPH
16 51 – 55 MPH 56 – 62 MPH
17 52 – 56 MPH 57 – 65 MPH

How fast do D1 softball pitchers throw?

What pitching speed do you need for the different softball divisions? Division 1: 63 MPH or faster. Division 2: 58 MPH or faster. Division 3 and NAIA: 55 MPH or faster.

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