What MLB players use ProHitter?

Vernon Wells, Marco Scutaro, and Rod Barajas were among the users for the Jays. Yankees Mark Teixeira and Eric Hinske were also using it. Hinske even homered a Ricky Romero pitch off the foul pole while wearing a PROHITTER. Notable non-users on the Jays were Scott Rolen, Aaron Hill, Alex Rios, and Kevin Millar.

What is the purpose of a Prohitter?

PROHITTER® is used in professional baseball games by over 50% of position players today. Worn on the thumb of the top hand holding the bat, the PROHITTER batting aid facilitates the pro-grip-technique on the bat, ensuring the bat is held in the fingertips. This grip increases bat speed, power, and control.

What are MLB players wearing on their thumbs?

All a thumb guard amounts to is a small piece of plastic with a hole for the thumb. It sits between the bat and the space between the thumb and the rest of the fingers.

Who invented the Prohitter?

The PROHITTER story takes on an interesting twist as one learns that company CEO, founder and the PROHITTER product inventor PHILIP LOMEDICO has a colorful and diverse background. LOMEDICO received a major scholarship to play baseball for the UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI (FLA) HURRICANES from 1973-1975.

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Does the ProHitter really work?

The Prohitter Batters Training Aid is helpful for hitters of all ages. Estimates show that over half of professional hitters use the thumb guard in some capacity which reflects the value it can bring to batting performances.

Why do batters wear a ring on their thumb?

It’s purpose is to fill the gap between the oval shape of a cupped hand and the perfect cylinder of most wood bats. Hitters, and the company, claim it helps dampen sting on poorly hit balls and increase the girth of the bottom hand grip for a better overall feel.

Why do baserunners wear a glove?

The oven mitt — called, unsurprisingly, a sliding mitt, is a clever combination of two separate pieces of safety equipment that some baseball players wore to prevent injuries when sliding into a base. … More rare but still possible is a fielding player coming down on a runner’s hand with their baseball cleats.

Why are baseball players wearing mittens?

Simply put, the baseball oven mitt/sliding mitt (people call them by both names) is designed to keep a baserunner from getting injured. … So many players have been injured over the years on head-first slides and these oven mitts seem to helping that number dwindle.

Why does my thumb hurt after batting?

Post-impact Vibrations for hits away from the sweet spot.

The reason bats sting is because the impact with the ball causes the bat to vibrate, and the vibrations in the handle can result in a painful sensation in the hands of the player holding the bat, especially in the top hand.

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What hand does the Prohitter go on?

PROHITTER Adult Batting Aid

Worn on thumb of top hand holding the bat. Will increase bat speed, power, and control of your swing.

How do I stop a bat sting?

Place an Easton® Power Pad between the knob of the bat and your hand to prevent painful sting and vibrations. Especially effective for batting practice scenarios when batting stamina is an issue, the power pad distributes and absorbs the shockwave caused from ball contact.

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