Who was the first pinch hitter a home run in a World Series?

Berra, who died Tuesday night at age 90 (on the 69th anniversary of his Major League debut), became the first player to hit a pinch-hit home run in the World Series when he went yard off the Brooklyn Dodgers’ Ralph Branca in Game 3 of the 1947 World Series.

Has a pitcher ever hit a homerun in the World Series?

Dave McNally and Bob Gibson

McNally, pitching for the Orioles, belted a homer in Game 5 of the 1969 World Series and hit one again in the 1970 World Series in Game 3.

Who is the best pinch hitter of all time?

The best pinch hitters in baseball history

  1. Lenny Harris.
  2. Gates Brown. …
  3. Matt Stairs. …
  4. Cliff Johnson. …
  5. Smokey Burgess. Catcher Smokey Burgess, part of the 1960 World Series-winning Pirates, played in nine All-Star Games in his 18-year career and is the all-time leader in pinch-hit RBIs (146). …
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Who has the most pinch hit home runs?

The Major League Baseball (MLB) record for most pinch-hit home runs in a career is 23 by Matt Stairs (Canada) while playing for 12 different teams since 1992.

When did pinch hitting start?

On January 11, 1973, the owners of America’s 24 major league baseball teams vote to allow teams in the American League (AL) to use a “designated pinch-hitter” that could bat for the pitcher, while still allowing the pitcher to stay in the game.

Has anyone ever hit 5 home runs in a game?

Five home runs in a game has been achieved four times: Pete Schneider (1923), Lou Frierson (1934), Cecil Dunn (1936) and Dick Lane (1948). In the pre-professional era, Lipman Pike also hit five home runs in 1866. Players to hit four home runs in a Major League Baseball game are highlighted in RED.

Has a pitcher ever hit 2 homeruns in a game?

The most famous pitcher-two-homer game was by Rick Wise of the 1971 Philadelphia Phillies. The two homers weren’t the most notable thing he did — he also pitched a no-hitter that day against the Cincinnati Reds.

Can you pinch hit a DH?


*The DH listed in the lineup card may be pinch-hit for, and the new player becomes the DH. A runner may also pinch run for the DH, and again, the new player becomes the DH.

What does a pinch hitter do?

A pinch hitter is a batter used as a substitute for another batter. A pinch hitter only comes into the game when the batter whose turn he is taking is due to bat. At that time, he is “announced into the game”; the batter which he replaced is out of the game for good.

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What is the difference between a pinch hitter and a DH player?

Pinch hitters are often used to replace a starting player because of injury or when the pinch hitter is thought to have a better chance of reaching base or helping other runners to score. … If a pinch hitter hits for the DH, the new pinch hitter stays in the game as a DH, and may not be used in the field.

What is a pinch hitter in slang?

A substitute for another person, especially in an emergency. For example, Pat expected her mother to help with the baby, but just in case, she lined up her mother-in-law as pinch hitter .

How do pinch runners work?

A pinch runner is a baseball player substituted for the specific purpose of replacing a player on base. … As with other substitutions in baseball, when a player is pinch run for, that player is removed from the game. The pinch runner may remain in the game or be substituted for at the manager’s discretion.

Why are pitchers such poor hitters?

Pitchers can give hitters too much credit, nibble at the zone, fall behind and then simplify the hitter’s job by throwing a fastball when the hitter is expecting one. That, or the pitcher hangs a slider or curve when another fastball would have done the job.

Why doesn’t the NL use a DH?

It is wrong theoretically. It is a cardinal principle of base ball that every member of the team should both field and bat. Instead of taking the pitcher away from the plate, the better remedy would be to teach him how to hit the ball.

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Who had the first pinch hit in Marlins history?

There have been other notable pinch-hit grand slams in the Marlins’ 27-year history from the likes of Ryan McGuire and Jeremy Hermida. The first-ever, however, came from Bruce Aven and on this day 20 years ago.

Who was the first designated hitter?

Ron Blomberg became the first DH on April 6, 1973, drawing a walk from Luis Tiant in the Yankees’ 15-5 loss to the Red Sox.

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