Why do softball players hit their back?

It happens because they are taught to uncock the wrists WAY out front, and finish with their hands high and above the shoulder.

What is the point of slapping in softball?

A slapper is a left-handed hitter who has been called softball’s secret weapon because of the pressure they put on the defense. They take advantage of their extraordinary speed by reading the defense and placing the ball in a spot that optimizes their chance to get on base.

How do you get more power when hitting a softball?

5 Tips to Get More Power Behind Your Softball Swing

  1. Use The Right Grip. When you grip the bat, you need to focus on applying your pressure with your fingers- not your palms. …
  2. Mind The Elbows. Many softball players mistakenly keep their elbows up when swinging. …
  3. Power Your Stance. Your stance must remain level at all times. …
  4. Dominate Your Stride. …
  5. Improve Your Contact.

Can you slap right handed in softball?

no one is expecting a slap from the right-handed hitters and it’s another tool to get on base. both lefty and righty slappers start out running straight toward the pitcher, not 1B. the problem for righties is that it is easier to hit the ball toward 1b/2b , resulting in a short throw for the out.

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What is a slapper softball bat?

2017 CF9 Slapper (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat

For those left-handed, speedy slappers, the CF9 (-10) Slapper is the perfect bat. The long 14″ barrel provides maximum plate coverage and is weighted more towards the hands to provide better barrel control. … The line of DeMarini CF9 bats is made for the way you play.

Why am I in a hitting slump?

Very simply, a baseball hitting slump occurs because of something that you are now doing that is mechanically incorrect when swinging the bat or it can be something that you were doing correctly and now you are not doing it. In other words, either you have developed a bad habit or have gotten away from a good habit.

How do I get my child out of a hitting slump?

Hitting Slumps: How Young Players Can End or Avoid Them

  1. Remember: It’s Process Over Results! Young players can get down on themselves quickly if they focus too much on stats — particularly in small sample sizes. …
  2. Worry About What’s Within Your Control. …
  3. Hustle at All Times. …
  4. Stay Selectively Aggressive. …
  5. Watch Video of At Bats. …
  6. Get Reps. …
  8. Hitting Slumps: Your Turn.

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What does being in a slump mean?

To slump is to fall or slouch down. It’s also a downturn in performance — a struggling ballplayer and a sinking economy are both in a slump. There are many kinds of slumps, but they all involve things going downhill. If you slide down in your chair, you slump. Other slumps are less physical.

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How far can you hit a 16 inch softball?

The pitching distance will be thirty-eight (38) feet. All batters start with 0-0 count ● No Extra foul balls! fifteen (15) inches from the small end of the bat. The bat can be any ounce and length and does not have to meet the ABI/BPF standards.

What should you not do in softball?

The pitcher shall not deliberately stop, roll, or bounce the ball while in the pitching position in order to prevent the batter from striking it. The pitcher shall not at any time during the game be allowed to use tape or other substances upon the ball, the pitching hand, or fingers.

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