How do I find the base URL in node JS?

How do I find the base URL in node?

var http = require(‘http’); var url = require(‘url’) ; http. createServer(function (req, res) { var hostname = req. headers. host; // hostname = ‘localhost:8080’ var pathname = url.

What is URL in node JS?

A URL string is a structured string containing multiple meaningful components. … The url module provides two APIs for working with URLs: a legacy API that is Node. js specific, and a newer API that implements the same WHATWG URL Standard used by web browsers.

What is HTTP in node JS?

Node. js has a built-in module called HTTP, which allows Node. js to transfer data over the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP). To include the HTTP module, use the require() method: var http = require(‘http’);

What websites use node JS?

15 Global Companies That Use Node. js

  • LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the social network for professional connections. …
  • Netflix. Netflix is a streaming service for television and film serving millions of users worldwide and likely one of the most familiar to you of the companies using Node. …
  • Uber. …
  • Trello. …
  • PayPal. …
  • NASA. …
  • eBay. …
  • Medium.
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What is URL parsing?

URL parsing is a function of traffic management and load-balancing products that scan URLs to determine how to forward traffic across different links or into different servers. A URL includes a protocol identifier (http, for Web traffic) and a resource name, such as

How do I find my hostname node?

According to the node. js documentation for the “os” module you need to load the “os” module, which has a hostname() function: var os = require(“os”); var hostname = os. hostname();

What is the URL definition?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator. A URL is nothing more than the address of a given unique resource on the Web. In theory, each valid URL points to a unique resource. Such resources can be an HTML page, a CSS document, an image, etc.


  1. Create an anchor element.
  2. Create a text node with some text which will display as a link.
  3. Append the text node to the anchor element.
  4. Set the title and href property of the element.
  5. Append element in the body.

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How do I bypass username and password in node JS?

Simply pass the user/pass before the host with an @ sign. var request = require(‘request’), username = “john”, password = “1234”, url = “http://” + username + “:” + password + “”; request( { url : url }, function (error, response, body) { // Do more stuff with ‘body’ here } );

Is node js a Web server?

The answer is no. All that we can say is that Node. js is a runtime environment which one may use to implement a web server.

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Does node have Fetch?

fetch() function. In NodeJS, several packages/libraries can achieve the same result. One of them is the node-fetch package. node-fetch is a lightweight module that enables us to use the fetch() function in NodeJS, with very similar functionality as window.

Is node JS Replacing Java?

At the moment, according to the number of requests, and to my own feelings, node. js has already overtaken Java. JS is actively developing and it will continue to do so. But, at the moment, there is no potential competitor that could replace Java or node.

Is node JS backend or frontend?

Node. js is a runtime environment that allows software developers to launch both the frontend and backend of web apps using JavaScript. Although JS underpins all the processes for app assembly, as a backend development environment, Node. js, differs from the frontend environment.

Is PHP better than NodeJS?

This makes it easier to have the same language (Javascript) across your whole stack. Realtime Data: Node. … js is much faster than PHP when it comes to execution speed, if speed is what you require for your application, such as a browser based multiplayer game or a chat application, Node. js is a great choice than PHP.

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