How do you care for a composite softball bat?

Aluminum and composite bats should be washed only with mild dish soap, warm water, and a soft rag. Harsh cleansers and scrubbing pads can damage the finish of your softball bat. If your bat has sticker residue, you can rub some olive oil on it with a soft rag to remove it.

How do you clean a composite softball bat?


  1. Wipe your bat with a soft, clean cloth to brush away any loose dirt and grime. You could also use an old sock or a paper towel.
  2. Mix dish soap into warm water to make it sudsy. Dip a clean cloth in the water and wring it out well to avoid dripping. …
  3. Wipe the bat down with the cloth to clean it.

How long does a composite softball bat last?

They can last up to 4000 hits. However, there are many variables involved in the longevity of a composite bat.

How do you take care of a composite bat?

Bat Care Guide

  1. Limit the bat to individual use.
  2. Do not use in temperatures below 60°F (16°C).
  3. Do not store the bat in extremely hot or cold temperature areas.
  4. Do not clean metal cleats with the bat.
  5. Use regulation leather covered baseball and softballs; NOT rubber cage balls.
  6. Do not hit waterlogged balls.
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Do composite bats lose their pop?

Has the performance or pop of the bat declined recently? Keep in mind that composite bats do require a break-in period. … Now, if you know that your bat is fully broken in but the pop is starting to decline then your bat may be dead or well on its way. Unfortunately, most bats do lose their pop in time with enough use.

Why do composite bats hit farther?

Because composite is a lighter material the barrel can be stretched longer than an alloy barrel bat without making the swing weight heavier. The result of this longer barrel provides composite bats with a bigger sweet spot. The likelihood of squaring up a pitch is going to be greater because of the bigger sweet spot.

What type of bat hits the farthest?

And lastly, aluminum bats have a larger “sweet spot” than wooden bats do. The sweet spot is the area of the bat that causes the ball to travel the fastest and farthest. Since aluminum bats have this larger sweet spot, it is easier to hit balls that go farther and faster than it is with a wooden bat.

Is it OK to use composite bats in batting cages?

Composite bats can be just as durable as aluminum bats while exceeding their performance. However, that durability comparison is only within actual game play. Aluminum bats can be used in a batting cage with rubber balls and are generally the bats provided by the cage owner.

What temperature should you not use a composite bat?

Composite baseball bats are never recommended for use when playing in temperatures that fall below 60 degrees. This is because the performance problems and possibility of cracking increases.

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How many hits can a softball bat take?

Aluminum bats are as hot as they are going to get as soon as you take them out of the wrapper. With composite barrel bats, you will have to spend some time getting them ready to perform at their peak. Composite Slow Pitch softball bats require around 100 – 150 hits on them to start performing up to their potential.

How do you know if a bat is too heavy?

Another very simple test that anyone can do is to hold the bat out straight. If right-handed, use right hand to hold the bat straight out, parallel to the ground. If he can’t easily hold it in this position for 20 seconds, it’s too heavy.

Which bat hits the farthest aluminum or composite?

The design behind the USA Bat Standard inadvertently impacts composite bats much harder than aluminum. The main reason youth players swing composites is to hit the ball harder and further.

What to do if you find a dying bat?

If you need to dispose of a dead bat found on your property, pick it up with a plastic bag over your hand or use disposable gloves. Place both the bat and the bag into another plastic bag, spray with disinfectant, close the bag securely, and dispose of it with your garbage.

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