Who has played for the most teams in MLB?

By the way, the Almanac says the record for most teams played for in a career is 13. It’s held by pitcher Octavio Dotel, who’s now with the Detroit Tigers. He turns 40 in November. No other current players are within two teams of his record.

What player has played for the most teams?

Joe Smith – 12 franchises

Smith shares the record for most franchises played for with Tony Massenburg, Jim Jackson and Chucky Brown.

Who is the most traded player in MLB history?

Jesse Chavez, the most traded player in MLB – Athletics Nation.

Who holds the Major League Baseball record for most games played for one team over an entire career?

Who holds the Major League Baseball record for most games played for one team over an entire career? Carl Michael Yastrzemski (born August 22, 1939) is a former Major League Baseball player. Yastrzemski played his entire 23-year Major League career with the Boston Red Sox (1961–1983). He played in 3308 games.

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Who had the longest NBA career?

The 42-year-old Carter never wavered in his desire to play with someone this season. He is tied with Robert Parish, Kevin Garnett, Kevin Willis and recently retired Dirk Nowitzki – all of whom played for 21 seasons – for the longest career in NBA history.

Has any NBA player played on every team?

Chucky Brown, Jim Jackson, Tony Massenburg and Joe Smith have all played for 12 NBA franchises (minimum of one game played). However, Kevin Ollie might take the cake for the NBA player with the most jerseys due to playing for so many teams.

What QB has played for the most teams?

J. T. O’Sullivan spent time with thirteen professional teams during his career.

Did Will Ferrell play baseball?

Ferrell played in five games of Major League Baseball spring training on March 12, 2015 for 10 Cactus League teams as part of promoting a Funny or Die comedy/charity special. … The memorabilia from his one-day professional baseball career was sold and was auctioned and the proceeds were sent to two cancer charities.

How many teams has Bartolo Colon played for?

Colon has played with 11 different teams over the years, including the Cleveland Indians (1997-2002), Montreal Expos (2002), Chicago White Sox (2003, 2009), Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels (2004-07), Boston Red Sox (2008), New York Yankees (2011), Oakland Athletics (2012-13), New York Mets (2014-16), Atlanta Braves (2017), …

Which player has stayed with their one team the longest?


Seasons Player Team
20 Kobe Bryant* Los Angeles Lakers
19 Tim Duncan* San Antonio Spurs
19 John Stockton* Utah Jazz
18 Reggie Miller* Indiana Pacers
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Who is the longest tenured Yankee?

SAN DIEGO — Outfielder Brett Gardner, the longest tenured Yankee and now the lone holdover from their last championship season, in 2009, is returning for his 13th major league season with the team.

Who holds the record for most baseball games played?

This statistic shows the MLB all-time games played leaders as of October 2020. Pete Rose has played the most games in Major League Baseball history with 3,562 games.

What is the shortest NBA career?

After stints in the NBA Development League and Europe, Curry made his NBA debut in January 2010, playing 3.9 seconds for the Los Angeles Clippers. It was Curry’s only NBA regular-season appearance and set a record for the shortest NBA career of all time.

Who is the youngest NBA player to reach 30000 points?

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — LeBron James has made it a point not to revel in his accomplishments. He allowed himself a moment to savor this milestone, though. James became the youngest ever to join the NBA’s 30,000-point club.

Who is considered the best NBA player of all time?

Top 15 players in NBA history: CBS Sports ranks the greatest of all time, from West and Steph to LeBron and MJ

  1. Michael Jordan.
  2. LeBron James. …
  3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. …
  4. Bill Russell. …
  5. Magic Johnson. …
  6. Wilt Chamberlain. …
  7. Shaquille O’Neal. …
  8. Larry Bird. …
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