How old do you have to be to umpire baseball?

All umpires must be at least 11 years old. Umpires are not required to be baseball/softball players, but having a decent knowledge of the game helps. Not everyone who signs up to be an umpire will be selected.

How do you become a youth baseball umpire?


  1. Step 1: Find an organization or association. The first step to becoming a baseball referee is to find an organization that provides training to new officials and bookings for existing ones. …
  2. Step 2: Complete training. …
  3. Step 3: Get equipment. …
  4. Step 4: Start officiating games.

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Who is the youngest umpire in MLB?

Wolcott attended the Jim Evans Academy for Professional Umpiring in 2006, and at the age of 19 subsequently was the youngest umpire hired to the minor leagues that year. He made his Major League debut on May 27, 2013, working both games of a doubleheader between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Texas Rangers.

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What age do you have to be to umpire Little League baseball?

Who’s eligible to be an umpire? Anyone age 12 and up who shares a love of the game, attends the CLL-led umpire training session, and has a commitment to learn the Little League rules. Why should my child be an umpire?

Do Little League umpires get paid?

Generally, umpires are paid per game that they officiate. … Little league pays between $25 and $50 per game. High school starts at around $50 or more.

How much money does a minor league umpire make?

According to, these umpires make as little as $2,000 per month and as much as $3,900 per month in Triple A, which is still only about $20,000 per year considering Class AAA seasons run for less than half a year.

How much does it cost to go to umpire school?

The cost for the five-week professional course is $2,350 and includes tuition, hotel room, rulebook, course materials and uniform: a T-shirt and a cap. Classes run six days a week, from sunup to sundown. The instruction begins with the basics.

Why does the umpire touch the catcher?

Among older, more established professional umpires, the use of the brace hand serves two purposes: … to create a “feedback link” or “gauge” between the catcher and umpire should the catcher suddenly spring up and throw to attempt to retire a baserunner.

Who is the tallest umpire in MLB?

Jordan Baker, at 6’7”, is the tallest umpire in the major leagues.

Are MLB umpires former players?

In the long history of major league ball, 40 former players became major league umpires.

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Who is the head umpire in baseball?

In a game officiated by two or more umpires, the umpire in chief (usually the home plate umpire) is the umpire who is in charge of the entire game.

How do you become a major league umpire?

Each applicant must have:

  1. High school diploma or G.E.D.
  2. Reasonable body weight.
  3. 20/20 vision (with or without glasses or contact lenses)
  4. Good communication skills.
  5. Quick reflexes and good coordination.
  6. Some athletic ability.
  7. Required preliminary training for the job (i.e., professional umpire school)

How much do Division 1 umpires make?

Division I umpires usually work as independent contractors and are paid per game. While they can earn more on the college level, most umpires average between nearly $16,000 to about $50,000 per year, according to the Amateur Baseball Umpires Association.

How much does an umpire make per game?

Youth baseball umpires are usually paid on per game basis and the pay rate, for the most part, is constant from league to league. A typical games pay is about $25-30 for the home plate umpire and $15-20 for the base umpire.

How much does a college umpire make per game?

Though compensation varies depending on the college conference, baseball umpires working in Division 1 can earn about $400 a game and mileage, lodging and a modest per diem. Hockey referees earn up to about $400 for a Division I college game, linesmen about half as much.

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